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Species Bender

Species Bender
Species Bender
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The Brokedowns are a humble and oft-dormant quartet from right outside Chicago that somehow stole the punk rock spotlight in the last year (and that's where opportunist jackoffs like us come in, wink wink). They toured with Dillinger Four, landed on the cover of Razorcake Magazine, and released a killer 7" on No Idea Records. Their new 13-song full length, Species Bender, is proof of all the great progress they've made as a band and will firmly plant 'em alongside the genre's best. We're talking about a truly rockin' record, and The Brokedowns are one of the few bands still playing traditional punk rock and playing it well. On top of all that, they package it with hilarious, biting lyrics: songs that reference the Octo-Mom, wizards, Jersey Shore, Kid Rock, etc. That's what I call a good time!</span></span>

Species Bender

CD Only
September 7, 2010
Red Scare Industries (CCCP-140)

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