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New Brains for Everyone - Download

New Brains for Everyone - Download
New Brains for Everyone - Download
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New Brains for Everyone: Hailing from the mid-sized, semi-urbanized community of Elgin , Illinois, roughly an hour due Northwest of Chicago, The Brokedowns are an essential milestone for the contemporary punk purist. Forty years after the genre's inception, while countless individuals, crews, and pseudo-bands, are reveling in outdated retrogressive fashions, sounds, and cries of unconvincing angst, these four lads hold it down proper: genuine, aggro, and gritty, with a solid sense of humor to boot.</span></p>

Loosely founded around fast, overdriven, gravely, pop-inclined fist pumping anthems, The Brokedowns play off of a format that when done right (a rarity that they enable us to celebrate) is irresistible.

However, it's not all influence; they evidently manage to incorporate their own stylistic trademarks and twists, subsequently keeping the razor's edge sharp and fresh. Fans of Dillinger Four, Crimpshrine, Leatherface, cheap beer, real deal folks, satirical critique, and general awesomeness should undoubtedly find themselves wrangled in by The Brokedowns speaker-ripping recordings and raucous live shows.

Their debut Thick Records release, recorded in Chicago at Electrical Audio, is BADASS.

New Brains For Everyone

Full Length CD
March 28, 2007
THICK Records

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