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Making a Midwesterner 7"

Making a Midwesterner 7"
Making a Midwesterner 7"
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Making a Midwesterner 7"
Making a Midwesterner 7"
Making a Midwesterner 7"
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Who are the culprits responsible for these 5 songs? Line 'em up: we have Direct Hit! from Milwaukee and The Brokedowns from Chicagoland. Straight outta the Midwest, these bands are two of the most wild and irreverent groups in today's punk scene and they're out to bring a little slice of Midwest culture to the rest of the world. What culture, you ask? Well Francis, we're talking about blocks of cheese, suspicious encased meats, smartass social commentary, brutal weather, and accursed sports teams. More than all that bullshit, these two partners in crime are all the evidence you need to prove that the Midwest has some of the best punk rock music around.


Side A:

01. The Brokedowns "Kings of the Dust"
02. The Brokedowns "Crowns and Gowns"
03. The Brokedowns "Runnin' the Front (TTK)"

Side B:

01. Direct Hit! "Chemical Ability"
02. Direct Hit! "Avert Your Eyes"

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