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15 Oct Mommy, Can I Go Out and Chill Tonight?
The Brokedowns 0 292
So we have a new record coming out soon.... only hint of detail about it right now is the new "Mommy, Can I go out and Chill Tonight?" shirt we just posted in our Merch area.  More to come soon on the..
28 Jul Making America Great Again!
The Brokedowns 0 310
We do a lousy job of posting news on our website even though we keep things up to date on here. Truth is, there are far more interesting things than what we have going on--such as Donald Trump.  ..
09 Dec Cash for Gold!
The Brokedowns 0 370
Today is the official release date for our new record, Life is a Breeze!  The digital version was released last Tuesday and today the CD version will be available.  LP is still pre-order but..
29 Sep Life is a Breeze
The Brokedowns 0 10
Our new record, Life is a breeze, is done and will be released to digital retailers on December 2, 2014 and released on CD and LP on December 9, 2014.Here is the tracklisting:  Joliet, the Maui of the..
10 Nov Internet of Things
The Brokedowns 0 208
First off, thanks to everyone who came out to The Hangout on Saturday.  It was quite a fun time even though 2 of the 4 of us don't really remember a whole lot from about the time we played onward.  I ..
20 Oct Interview with Kris
The Brokedowns 0 534
Scene Point Blank did an interview with Kris just before we played Fest 7. The interview covers a number of topics including the affect of too much Old Style before we play/while we play.To read the i..
15 Oct Brand New Website
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So here is our brand new website. It's probably the fanciest one we've ever had and it's easy for the non-nerdy dudes in this band to edit. Anybody can register a user name which may make some of the ..
13 May Annual Update
The Brokedowns 0 276
Following our trend since we first created a website in 2001, here is the first new posting in almost a year. When they invent a way to update this with our minds, we'll be set.  Until then, it's..
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