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About Us

The Brokedowns are:

Kris Megyery: Guitar, vocals
Jon Balun: Vocals, bass
Eric Grossmann: Guitar, vocals
Mustafa Daka: Drums

The Brokedowns started a long time ago in the hills around Elgin, Illinois.  What began as friends jamming in Jon's parent's basement morphed into four out-of-shape Midwestern working-class dudes who love playing music together and soaking their livers.


These guys are one of the funniest bands around, but they ain't playin' when their songs take on issues like misguided nationalism or technology or Midwestern despair. We think they have the best bullshit detector in the scene. But this foursome is a little weirder, a little smarter, and a little heavier-sounding than your average punk band, and they have 13 new ones on "Sick Of Space". Just look at the goddamn song titles and tell us you don\'t wanna party with this LP?! "Sick Of Space" will be their third album on Red Scare and that's usually when our bands achieve mainstream success, so get on board while they're still cool!