2012 = the end of the world

It has been a while since we've posted any sort of update here and it just so happens that we finally have some shit to talk about.  Hope everyone's 2012 is going really good.  I tend to ramble a lot when I post news so here is the basics of what we have planned for the early part of this year:


  • split 7" with our friends in Wide Angles.
  • split 7" with our friends in Vacation Bible School.
  • plan for the impending end of the world.
  • tell our 3 collective children that whether the world ends this year or not it will eat them alive regardless and wish them luck.
  • record some more new songs.

We just got done recording the songs for the two 7" splits and have a few leftover we're not yet sure what we'll do with.  Regardless, hopefully we'll have a new full length ready to go by the end of summer or early fall.  As usual, our resolution for 2012 is to update the news on our site a bit more frequently.  Has it really been over a year since the last time? 

Party harty. 

Love, Erc.